Denise Soler Cox | Ep. 19

Latina South welcomes Denise Soler Cox is an award-winning Latina filmmaker and cultural storyteller dedicated to helping people transform how we experience culture, identity, and what it means to belong. Denise talks about how a night out in Miami inspired her multi-year journey to create the film, Project Eñye, an exploration of first-generation Latinx identity. Denise also shares about how she ‘pokes the beehive’ on hot topics via her podcast: The Self-ish Latina. She also reveals her next film project, an idea inspired by the hidden and often painful stories of Latinas shared with her throughout her travels.

“Your favorite version of you is who you can be every single day. And that is what my biggest lesson is from making the film, working on the next film and doing all the things I’ve done. My absolute favorite version of Denise is the one that I get to be and the one that I choose to be every single day. And it’s actually where all of the success lives as well. It’s possible for you because it’s possible for me.” – Denise Soler Cox



Episode 19 Notes

Denise talks with Adela about the seeds in her life which started her 17-year journey to realizing the film, Project Eñye, a film about Latinx identity and belonging. Adela says the film will stand the test of time because the message still resonates today especially with the growing Latinx community in Georgia and throughout the South.

Denise describes her experience living in Miami (and we count Florida as part of the South 😉 where she embraced her Latinidad, and when she decided not to mispronounce her last name, Soler, ever again. They also talk about how representation matters in all walks of life.

Her podcast, The Self-ish Latina, gives us all permission to take care of ourselves to get what we need to make us happy, even if it ‘pokes the beehive’ of some community norms – if you dare listen to it.

In her exploration of identity, she has discovered the Eñye experience of belonging is a universal one and can apply to many communities where people relocate across cultures and have families. Denise talks about her next film which encourages healing through the courageous sharing of painful stories.

Connect with Denise on public speaking opportunities on belonging – she even offers a trade for Atlanta-based Spanx!

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