Gigi Pedraza | Ep. 25
Finding Her Power as a Voice for the Latino Community in GA
Ana Baskharone | Ep. 24
Investing in Yourself as a Leader
Betina Kaplan | Ep. 23
Enabling Access to Higher Education for Undocumented Students
Ashley Garcia | Ep. 22
Healthcare Hero on Caring for Others and Her Pandemic Wedding
Mariela Romero | Ep. 21
Her Journey to Journalism and Community
Delilah Buitrón Arrebola | Bonus
Podswap with Women in the Arena Podcast
The Suarez Sisters | Ep. 20
On the Business of Simply Latina
Denise Soler Cox | Ep. 19
Being EÑYE and Belonging
Brenda Lopez Romero | Ep. 18 - 2
Being Among the First and the Few Latina-elected officials in Georgia, Part 2
Brenda Lopez Romero | Ep. 18 - 1
Being Among the First and the Few in Georgia, Part 1
Ish Gayle | Ep. 17
Her Afro-Latina and Asian Background and Serving Multiple Communities
Elaine Utin | Ep. 16
Being Latina and a Learner in the South
Stefanie Diaz | Ep. 15
Her Journey to Venture Capital and Empowering Others
Marcie Chapa | Ep. 14
Sharing Her Gift and Finding Happiness
Adriana Varela | Ep.13
Board Leadership, Mentorship & Sponsorship
Deborah Gonzalez | Ep. 12
Making History as the First Latina District Attorney in Georgia
Nury Castillo Crawford | Ep. 11
Bilingual Books and How They Help Empower Bicultural Communities
Rita Bautista | Ep. 10
Latina Podcasters Network and Being Catracha in the South
Yehimi Cambrón | Ep. 9
Activism and Celebrating Immigrants
Jennifer Salazar Hutcheson | Ep. 8
Blogging, Family, and Living in the South
Blanca Catalina Garcia | Ep. 7
Teaching Entrepreneurship and Building Bridges between Bubbles
Janine Cabrera-Velde | Ep. 6
Education, her Latina Roots, and her Time at Harvard.
Audra Agen | Ep. 4
Podcasting, Hispanic Heritage, and Living in the South(west)
Mimi Woodson | Ep. 3
Her Path to Politics: Faith, Military, and being the Candy Lady
Mayte Peck | Ep. 2
Pandemic, Pottery, and her Peruvian Roots
Rochelle Bradford | Ep. 1
Latina Identity, Career, and Feeling In-Between


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