Mimi Woodson | Ep. 3

Latina South welcomes the Honorable Evelyn “Mimi” Woodson, a pioneer in local politics as the longest-serving Latino elected official in the state of Georgia. She talks about her 15 years of military service, her strong sense of faith, and how being known as the community candy lady led to her 25-years on the Columbus City Council.

“I might not be rich. I might not have the degrees. But I know as a woman, and as a Latina, I am leaving my thumbprint somewhere.” – Mimi Woodson, on her time as Columbus City Councilwoman




Episode 3 Notes

Mimi tells us she is okay with being a Southern Puerto Rican and shares what she likes about living in Columbus, Georgia (1:35)

Mimi talks about the ups and downs of being in the Military (5:21)

We learn about how being the community Candy Lady – which was about so much more than just selling candy (10:24)

How a spiritual experience helped Mimi decide to run for office. She shares about the time she heard from somebody that she should NOT do something, and how it had the reverse effect on her (13:09)

History lesson: Puerto Ricans are American citizens. Turning negative comments into an opportunity to educate – that’s one of her skills (21:10)

Being the only Latina on City Council and the uniqueness of identifying with a community other than the one you’re supposed to represent. Being inclusive and humble are some of her keys to success (24:10)

About leaving her thumbprint and her legacy in politics and some parting words of wisdom – we’re all beautiful like a Gucci bag (32:59)

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