Elaine Utin | Ep. 16

Latina South welcomes Elaine Utin, Co-Founder of the nonprofit LatinxEd, focusing on Latinx youth identity development and leadership in North Carolina. Elaine holds a Master’s in Education degree from Harvard, and in 2018, she was recognized on Forbes’s 30 Under 30: Education list. Let’s listen as Elaine talks about growing up in the South, her Peruvian and faith-based roots, and being a first-generation college student. She also gets real about how coaching helped her through some transitions, including growing an organization while being a Mom.


“Being from the South and being Latina, at least my experience and in my journey…I felt like they were working against each other. And back to that feeling of ‘Ni de Aquí o Ni de Alla,’ as I look back I see so much complexity in that story.” – Elaine Utin




Episode 16 Notes

Elaine talks about growing up in the South between a pecan and peach orchard. Born in Peru, she describes spending her formative years in faith-based communities influenced by her father while also visiting Peru and experiencing food, music, and language from her mother and grandmother. She talks about using the two sides of her brain when describing the two sides of her identity.

She eventually realizes the complexity of her identity in her experience as a first-generation college student and in her college years. She begins to unpack the many layers of her experiences in the development of her work with the Latinx community.

Elaine talks about LatinxEd and how life’s experience being a learner in the South influenced her approach to creating the South Carolina nonprofit organization which serves youth in the Latinx community.

Adela asks Elaine, “What does your support structure look like?” Elaine talks about the challenges of being an entrepreneur while being a Mom and using coaching as a tool to help her with her mindset and personal growth. She also talks about democratizing coaching for Latinx youth through the program Somos Carolina.

We can support Elaine and her work by visiting LatinxEd.org and learn more about impactful programs like College y Consejos and Somos Carolina.

Words of wisdom from Elaine: She encourages us all to allow ourselves to experience the complexity and nuance that is our own humanity and Latinx identity.

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