Stefanie Diaz | Ep. 15

Latina South welcomes Stephanie Diaz a Partner at Atlanta-based Zane Venture Fund where she raises capital for early-stage tech startups. She’s also the host of the podcast She Conquers Capital where she amplifies the voices of female CEOs, venture partners, and angel investors. Let’s listen as Stefanie shares with us her journey to claiming the many facets of her voice as a Latina, a Mom, a financial whiz, and a dancer. She also talks about creating WOE, The Women Only Experience, a dynamic and diverse organization for female founders.


“My words are specifically to the Latinas of the South: Your voice is so important, needed, of value, beautiful. You have a style and an energy that this world needs more of.” – Stefanie Diaz



Episode 15 Notes

Stefanie talks about her personal and family journey to claiming her Latina identity, growing up in Georgia and feeling between two worlds. She describes going back to Puerto Rico and feeling as if she’s leaving a part of her heart behind when she leaves the island. She also talks about finding her tribe later in life. Stefanie tells us what led to her work with Zane Venture Fund and her podcast, She Conquers Capital. Letting go of fear and going after her dreams with intention was an approach inspired by her son. One thing we can do to overcome the fears of ‘not being ready’ or imposter syndrome is to flip the script and instead congratulate ourselves on being in a place where we are about to grow and develop. Adela and Stefanie talk about how she is helping to make the venture capital world more welcoming. One way is how she uses her podcast platform, She Conquers Capital, to educate all about the world of capital while elevating the voices of underrepresented founders. Her advice: go to where you are celebrated and know your own value all while challenging yourself to come out of your safe zone. Stephanie talks more about the inspiration behind creating the WOE (The Women Only Experience) for female founders. She leaves some words of wisdom for the Latinas of the South – our voices are both important and needed.

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