Adriana Varela | Ep.13

Latina South welcomes Attorney Adriana Varela, the leader of Global Client Services for Fragomen, the largest global immigration services firm in Atlanta. Let’s listen as Adriana talks about what it takes to serve on the Board of Directors for impactful nonprofits like Galeo and New American Pathways. She also drops some words of wisdom about how both mentorship and sponsorship are important to help you reach your goals.


“Not only seek mentors but also seek sponsors. A sponsor is somebody that is a decision-maker that will raise a hand…while you are not at the table, who will fight for a raise for you, who will fight for a change in job title for you.” – Adriana Varela, Global Immigration Attorney



Episode 13 Notes

In this episode, global immigration attorney Adriana Varela describes her Latina identity and relocating from Mexico to the US as an adult. She describes how these experiences inform her servant leader approach to serving multicultural employees and their families in the sometimes challenging world of international assignment relocations.

Adriana talks more about servant leadership and her journey from volunteering with little experience to ultimately being invited to lead as Chair of the Board of Directors of New American Pathways, an Atlanta nonprofit with the mission of helping refugees thrive. She also serves as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of GALEO, a nonprofit with the mission of increasing civic engagement within the Georgia Latino community.

Adriana provides some words of wisdom to Latinas in the South: get involved. Now is not the time to be an observer, it is a time to act – to educate ourselves and to raise our hands to make things happen.

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