Marcie Chapa | Ep. 14

Latina South welcomes Marcie Chapa a world percussionist and educator in the arts. She’s also a part of the OG’s as an original member of Beyonce’s 2007 first, all-female touring band. Let’s listen as Marcie shares how she felt the first time she found herself surrounded by so many talented female musicians. Marcie also reveals to us how she shares her percussion gift with her students and her journey to finding both love and happiness later in life.


“There’s nothing more [important] to life than just being happy and being your true self and who you are supposed to be and who you are supposed to be with. If other people are not allowing you to have that, shame on them. Only you are responsible for your happiness.” – Marcie Chapa



Episode 14 Notes

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, world percussionist Marcie Chapa now finds herself in California as an arts educator, sharing her gift of percussion with her students.

Adela asks Marcie how she felt being surrounded by so many female percussionists back when she auditioned for Beyonce’s all-female touring band. She admits she wanted to say to everyone, “Where have y’all been all my life?” She cherishes the relationships she made during that time on tour.

Marcie talks about her Latina identity and being Tejana – at times feeling not Mexican enough and not American enough. Marcie also reveals how love and happiness happened for her later in life with the support of family and friends.

Marcie asks us to consider supporting the Arts Council of Monterey County where she serves as a Board member and also the North Monterey County High School music program.

The song “Higher” by the OGs used with Marcie Chapa’s permission. You can find out more about them here

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